Djb - i've got to know

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It's been a hit and miss season in general. There are always numerous theories to why such inconsistencies occur, but I just think that's the way it goes, as fish adjust to the changeable temperatures and flows that we've had, ultimately becoming fussier as to what attracts them food-wise. It could be pellets and feeders one day, single baits and leads the next, then only trundled meat and marginal feeding the next. Is it fishing pressure or do their dietary demands vary and feeding habits differ from day to day? I know carp prefer fish meal early season, post spawning, but what makes luncheon meat more favourable to pellet when to us it gives off less attraction? It's this that keeps us guessing and one of many things that's so alluring in our pursuit to catch fish. Isn't what we all do before and during each session is work out what they might be feeding on as well as where and when? As the fish can't talk then that's pretty much all we've got to go on, and when we don't catch, there must be an excuse! I know I have an armoury of them!!

djB - I've Got To KnowdjB - I've Got To KnowdjB - I've Got To KnowdjB - I've Got To Know